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Agmo Blockchain is the Blockchain arm of Agmo Studio, a leading mobile solution company serving 8 Fortune 500 Companies, large scale corporates and government agencies, such as PETRONAS, Toyota, Accenture, Petron, digi, MDEC, Kerry Logistic and more. Differentiating from other Blockchain company that focuses in Initial Coin Offering and stops at prototyping, Agmo Blockchain has implemented Blockchain solutions to solve real life problems in live environment. Blockchain is the embodiment of reliability and security. Data written into the blockchain can never be altered and in the world of blockchain such a property is known as being 'immutable'. Being immutable means that you are able to detect any alterations of data with malicious intent. Here in Agmo Blockchain, we constantly seek to implement this technology to help you in your business solution. Using the latest Blockchain technology, you can relax and rest assure that we will design your product to be impregnable and trustworthy. "At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security" - Jodi Rell


Your current state-of-the-art solution to a permissioned Blockchain platform. Allow only trusted parties to join in the transaction and to view critical data. Highly recommended when having the need to carry out important transaction between two parties.


Utilize the power of Blockchain on a global scale. Your smart contract will be transparent and viewable by everyone in this world! Say no more shady transactions.

Bitcoin Core

Keep abreast with the latest happenings with the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world! You are able to set up your own bitcoin node that enables you transact bitcoin independently from any parties. Keep your private keys safe and known only to yourself.

Blockchain Projects

Cryptocurrency exchanges web app and mobile app ◎

◎ Certification authentication based on Ethereum Smart Contract ◎

◎ Crowdfunding application based on Hyperledger Fabric ◎

◎ Lucky draw based on Ethereum Smart Contract ◎

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