A Malaysian festive-themed pet raising application on iOS and Android

Agmo Studio Sdn Bhd announces the release of a pet raising mobile application powered by Blockchain and Augmented Reality; MotomoPets. Released in line with the upcoming celebration of Hari Raya, the application aims to encourage fun and interactive social interactions between friends and family during the upcoming festive season.

MotomoPets allows users to raise a themed pet every festive season by providing it love and blessing, which is represented via QR Code scanning and sharing between users. Each time a user scans a QR code of another user, his/her pet earns some blessings and in turn, grows a little. As the pet grows, it will eventually evolve to a higher phase, allowing it to access features such as wearing accessories.

Blockchain supported system:

The blockchain system supporting this application from the back provides fairness and transparency, particularly in the equipment randomisation (Gachapon) feature. The said function runs on a probability system in which users exchange a sum of internal currency for a random piece of equipment for the pet. Therefore, this puts blockchain as a favourable approach to prove the probability’s fairness.

Augmented Reality Greeting Cards:

Can’t choose between sending an e-greeting card to loved ones over a physical Augmented Reality supported one? MotomoPets brings the two together by allowing users to customise an e-greeting card with an Augmented Reality experience for the recipient.

Essentially, MotomoPets aims to potentially improve social interactions, especially during the festive season. These days, we’re often greeted with the sight of family gatherings with heads lowered to their phones minding their own businesses. MotomoPets leverages two technologies to create an interactive way to hopefully promote social interaction with one another.

What’s in for the Future?

MotomoPets doesn’t end once the Raya season ends- in fact, Agmo Studio is already undergoing plans to release the next season’s pet along with more improvements to the application for a more interactive experience. Users can download the application via the Google Playstore or iOS Appstore.

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